Saturday, February 6, 2010

My afternoon of judging

Yesterday was probably one the of the hottest days we have had so far and I had volunteered to judge at the hunt clubs first ever Hunter show/ribbon day.

I am so glad that i wore shorts and a light shirt, I was really unsure about what to wear as a judge but with the weather as it has been of late I opted to go the summer way.
I had to judge the Pleasure horse ring. I have to say when I was doing the shows which was about 15 years ago, there wasn't such a thing as green horse and pleasure horse classes, the pony ring was pony ring and they had some classes for different height s and the hacks and hunters were just that, and once a gain they wwould have a few different classes for the height, and light weight/heavey weight hunter, but not sperate actaully rings, anyway, I get there and go to the ring and there is about 10 people entered in the class, most of them were kind of learner riders, or first outing horses, with riders not that great riders but coming out for a bit of a outing.

Most of the horses were well turned out and the so were the riders. the day went pretty well and I tried to give everyone a ribbon but boy it was hard to judge as they were all pretty even riders and not one horse was outstanding from the rest and when I asked the riders to prepare to canter and canter on it was a bit carnage so had to yell trot!!! pretty quickly.
By the end of the day I was so hot and bothered I had sweat running down my face, and back and my sunglasses were all fogged up, I would hate to think what the riders were like under all there jackets and stocks etc.
When asked before i left if I would do it again next year I was yeah sure, but I would rather be riding myself if I had a horse....will see..

The low down on the race horses

Davids (fatherinlaw)season hasn't started off the way he would have liked, the horse we had together Tuppence well she just didn't make it as a race horse, although she had the determination she just wasn't fast enough, so she has gone to live her days out with a nice lady up in Pukekohe, I really would have liked to have had her but having a baby and a foal it just wasn't going to happen.
Now Katie has done her tendon the the new trotter he had has gone lame and he can't seem to determine where its coming from. So Now only have Macy star to train, and to top it off the man that was helping him stopped coming so I jumped back in there to carry onand help and have hurt my back so I am now out of action as well...

Even though the horses all seem to be falling apart, and myself, I went up to the stables today and the horses were all running around bucking and kicking out so can't be too much wrong with them, you couldn't see them for the dust(literally!!), all this hot weather the ground is just a dust bowl. Macy races this Tues at 2pm so fingers crossed something good goes for Davids this week, he sure needs it.