Friday, October 29, 2010

Pleasure of having a horse

The last two days Sally and I have had a couple of really nice hacks out over her parents farm.

Autumn having had a bit of a disasterous weekend has been so good and today she was really relaxed and I am hoping she enjoyed the ride as much as I did. She has been a bit funny since the weekend about her ears and the bridle going on and putting the reins over her head so when we got to gates that needed to be opened I made the effort to get off and put the reins over her ears open the gate then put reins back over her ears again then get on and its been great for her as getting on has been an issue to, she always walks off. I am taking her to a friends place tomorrow as they are going away and looking after her QH and Autumn  is going to have a weeks worth of schooling in her arena. Was going to scratch from a dressage comp in a couple of weeks but now decided I think I will just go. got to get her out and about and me being the competitive person I am can't help myself I just have to get to a competition.
Found out in the weekend that my horses colour is described as a chocolate dun, have to say I had not heard of that before in all the years I have had a horse. learn things every day....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what a weekend of riding dramas nearly outweighed the fun of riding

Have to say this would have to have been the best weather we have had for quite a while and so lots of riding was done, Saturday went with Sally up big farm road along the gullies was awesome scenery, and the ride itself was really good our two horses go well together. Unfortunately the ride didn't end to well with me, long story short my horse got a fright when we were back at our friends place, Autumn was tied up to the float she pulled back and Sonya has no road gates and my horse was off and down her drive bolting, I just ran afte her as I ahve only had her since July and have to say she cost me ALOT, and I just thought there goes my horse and what kind of vet bill am I going to have or am I still going to have a horse, anyway she is full on in season and there were two stallions up the road and not behind very good fences I might add, anyway she ended up down a neighbouring farms drive and I got her back with not a scratch on her thank next day was lovely farm ride and she was great. on the monday as we have a long weekend holiday I took Autumn out to a friends to do some dressage schooling , she went so well and below are some nice photos of her pity about me but have got a few things I need to work on with myself, Sarah videoed me as well and that was great to see what work I need to do to get myself back into a good riding position. But that day ended in just about tragedy, friend thought he would help me get her off the float and he didn't unclip her so she went to come off and was still tied up, panic set in and she pulled and pulled and I was pinned in the float with her going bonkers, the clip broke and sent her flying backwards, thankfully neither of us were hurt but it was something that should have never happned, now autumn is a bit funny around her ears and didn't like me putting the bridle on tonight, I would say I will need some floating training done on her now and I am thinking of sending her to a lady to just help me out and get her confidence back as I am really upset at how it all turned out it should never have happened...She is a real sweet horse who now is a bit scared.... of a few things, I guess she is only 4 so hopefully I can mend the damage thats been done

Boris the pig who I found asleep in the float when I finished riding. My horse loved him and they stood by the fence together with boris at his feet and Autumn licking him!!!!

Yes we made it my baby is 1!!!

My beautiful baby girl has reached that milestone that all new parents I am sure wonder if they are ever going to get there, from new borns to sitting up , crawling now just about walking, I thought the new born stage was hard but looking back that was the easy part its just getting harder all the time but also easier too if that makes sense. Holly is such a sweet girl and is pretty happy most of the time so I have been really lucky...

We didn't do a big first birthday party just hung out with family and had a cake, got to have a cake!!!..

 Its the hungry caterpiller

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally Autumn is sound

Yesterday afternoon, I raced down to see if Auutmn was sound and the hope to have a quick ride. She seemed fine so I got on and after a good walk around we had a trot and yay no lameness Great Am stoked about that. Didn't do alot just  bit of transition work walk to trot and back to walk again and some nice long rein trotting and really getting her to stretch down and feel her really swinging from behind. I really need to do more of that I am not doing it enough but its a case of getting to know Autumn and learning to trust that I can just trot around on the long rein and hoping she doesn't spook at anything and spin in the other direction, which has been happening lately cause spring grass and all the horses are all a bit full of themselves, and the ducks flying out of the grass aren't much fun when you are casually walking along on long rein.

Autumn is now going to have 5 days off in a row decided it would be good for her to have a wee break, since I brought her in July I really haven't given her many days off in a row but now that I am trusting her more I know she will be sweet to ride with time off. For a horse that has only been broken in for just over a year she really is so good. I got told the other day by a guy who does breaking in that if I can ride up the road, stand at stop sign then cross the main road(have to ride across to get to my friends arena) which is a state highway, lots of trucks and 100km zone I am doing really well. I really am lucky to have her and I know  I will never sell her, even though I know I could sell her on for a lot of money, whats money at the end of the day,  I already learn't the hard way selling a good horse years ago that even though I got $15k it has taken me this long to replace that horse and I kicked myself for selling her.

We are off to the big smoke this weekend (Auckland), My daughters first b'day and my dad's 70th so big party with the family, and Holly is going to the Zoo with all her cousins can't wait to see her face with all the animals, especially since at home here she loves my horse, dog and cat. Going to be lots of fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just when we thought spring was here...

Last week we had some fantastic weather then Friday came and bang back came the rain and the wind has been terrible, not good weather for moving young colts either, especially when you have to walk them past the mares...everyone went bonkers, have to say it wasn't the best experince I ahve had with my young fella, and once we know we are having a few fine days there balls are numbered!!!(getting the chop). Needless to say there has not been much riding going on. My dressage competition was cancelled on sunday which was a good thing in the end as babysitter that day was going to be a mission plus Autumn is still a bit lame from her kicking out at the dog and getting the post so would have had to scratch anyway. She has no marks swelling or heat anywhere but she is just slightly lame. I did ride her today though, Sally, kaz and I braved the wind and went for a very hairy ride, Autumn did feel a bit lame still at the trot but we mainly just walked so wouldn't have been any harm to her going out for a mooch up the road. She did kick out at poor Sally's horse today not quite sure what that was all about, maybe Autumn is coming into season and got a bit snotty at maggie, just glad she didn't hurt either sally or Maggie.

Anyway on sunday we had a wedding at our restaurant so I went and took some pictures since everything looked so nice and tidy, the wedding party were actually inside having there food when I was taking the pictures.They timed everything well in between the showers. We have lots of wedding at Waiau its really a perfect place to get married if you are wanting a garden wedding.
This is the Reastaurant
 This in looking down at the lawn where people get married, we did have a whole lots of charis on the lawn, we make two areas of chairs so that there is an aisle for the bride to walk up. The seat is where the bride and groom had signed there marriage certificate.
this is just looking out one of the doors towards the lawn where they got married, Below is the fire place

This photo is just looking out to one side of the Building

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a great week

I know its only thursday but I have had a great week so far. The sun has been shining all week and its been so lovely, My family has been staying with us since last sunday and so Holly has had a great time getting to know her cousins.  On Monday we went to Urenui beach and it was just beautiful, although its a west caost beach, black sand and all it is still really lovely, there was no wind and the tide was way out so we got to go for a great walk on the beach the kids collected rocks and shells. Holly's first time on the sand, needless to say she did end up trying to eat it...

Tuesday was a day in town at Pukekura park, Brooklands zoo, its just a farm yard zoo but the kids loved it and it was free to enter, I think thats a great thing the council have there, the park is just gorgeous and with great walkways, with beautiful plants trees and shrubs, ponds ducks galore and great kids playgrounds the kids thought it was wonderful. It really is a must see when visiting taranaki.

The best thing for me was I got to ride everyday, had a live in babysitter(mum!!) has been great. My horse is going really well. Have to say since I have taken her off the red clover Hay, I have changed her feed back to Mitavite, and also not giving her any magnesium she has been a different horse. Not sure if its been the combination of the three elements or just one of them but, I think that I could have been giving her too much magnesium. I have weighed out all the food so I am giving her the correct amount of feed for her work rate she is getting at the moment and she is looking really good, has a great shiny coat and no longer spazzing out on me. Wonderful I ahve the horse back that I brought a couple of months ago. Sunday we have a dressage comp, it may not be on yet as its surposed to rain not expecting Autumn to win or anything but am hoping she gets a few good marks...will see on Sunday...

Autumn enjoying the sun, must be great to have no cover on and finally no rain....