Saturday, August 28, 2010

My baby's first b'day is rolling round so quickly

Holly is now just over 10 months old can't quite believe its nearly a year since she was born, I am sure when I was pregnant it didn't go that fast well it didn't feel like it is my baby girl on her favourite toy...This photo was taken on the 17th august, 10 months old.....Sooo cute....

My new horse

I have recently purchased a new mare called Autumn Light ( show name) she is a 4 year old Warmblood stationbred cross. Not that I was ever intending to buy another horse well for a while anyway but I had been out doing our local winter dressage series on a friends horse and I saw this mare that a friend of mine was riding and I happen to mention she was nice, long story short she rang me and asked me if I would like to purchaes her and so in the end I did. I did wonder what the heck have I done but end of the day I thought well what the hell I have not had a decent horse for a long time and even though she cost me way to much money I am hoping for big things this season....Just gotta work in a preganancy somewhere there as well!!!?????...We have just last weekend competed at our first competition and was surprised to find myself having a second and a fifth placing, roll on the 10th October the next dressage competition.