Monday, April 13, 2009

Racing this time....

Took Katie to the races on Saturday and she also raced Monday.....
It was a grass track at Hawera, she went really well but unfortunately she has this thing for the crossings on the grass track and tries to jump them which isn't the best thing to do when racing and with hobbles on anyway the driver always has to get cover going over them( as in a horse in front )and then shes off, ...Saturday she got blocked in coming down home straight when she got out(20m to finish line!) she came home really well and was a photo finish for 3rd, 4th & 5th and she got 5th....On Monday she had a good run and got pipped for 3rd on the line, so all in all although not in top three she did really well....considering....she has had a swollen back leg due to our sand track at home, vet said she was sweet to race, but I think she may not have been 100%, apparently the constant training on sand track compared to grass has an effect on their legs because they have to really get under themselves to keep balanced, interesting.....Roll on next weekend, at New Plymouth, she races sun and tues...hope to remeber my camera this time!!..

Friday, April 3, 2009

The race horses

Well we have had a few fun and games with the race horses and am pleased to say we have had a win which is what you everyday train and strive for. Katie is to race at Easter time and then the weekend after then she is going out for a well deserved holiday on a reletives farm in the Hawkes bay. Our other horse Tuppence, unfortunately hurt her leg, although it didn't stop her from becoming a pain in the paddock so she was soon able to resume her training which is the best thing for her as she is not a good horse to put out when the others ar training, she loves to run and wants to be in the action all the time. She will have to wait until next season now to see if she will cut the mustard and be a good racehorse.

lots has been happening,

I haven't written on this for so long!!!..........

My plans kind of went out the window, I hurt my back and decided that since I couldn't ride I would put Milly in foal, so in december last year she became pregnant to Pintado Desperado.
So Nov this year I am hoping she will produce something really nice and something that I will be able to have alot of fun with in the future.

Since then my back got better and I ahve been riding lots of other epopels horses, went on the Taranaki hunt 3 day trek on Waitangi weekend, that was great fun and lots of amazing scenery to be seen. Above is a photo of Reko, he is the horse that I rode, he is a Clydie stationbred who has been around the hunt field for a few years now and was so much fun to ride, the other photo is of the beach we did end up riding on. On the second day on the trek we had one very long ride, I think it was a bit to long to be honest as my butt and legs were quite sore by the end of it...the end of the ride we came along the beach and had to go through a tunnel to get back to the camp area, was quite cool riding through it, but my head was about 1cm from the roof of the tunnel!!..