Friday, November 26, 2010

let the show begin.....

I won I won I won...., can't believe it really, but today was my offical first dressage comp on Autumn at the Stratford show and she went reall well, I was just so pleased with everything about autumn today, she floated great, she tied up at the float great and stood there.  the atmosphere was quite high, lots going on around her and she was very cool., It was a hot day today but really windy thank goodness otherwise we would have been roasting in our jackets. But my first test I knew was a good one as it just felt great, still things to work on but we got 75.2%!!!! I was over the moon, and my second test wasn't as good plus we had had to wait for nearly two hours to do it as well but Autumn still behaved well, the lower marks I was given were really justified as they were places in the test that I thought weren't so great either but I still managed a 69%, I am really pleased with my horse as you can imagine and its given a real boost that I needed with my riding, its been sooooo long since I have had a good horse and to go out and be competitive is just great, there were at least 25 people in my classes... Roll on the next one...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wake up and smell the roses

You know how the saying goes, well today I decided that I would wake up and smell the roses, I realise that lately I have been quite negative about.... be honest about anything, I do have alot on my plate most of the time and I do tend to be burning those candles at both ends alot, and I think my brain and body is tired, but I just need to look around me and realise that life is pretty good and at this moment we have a mining disaster down in the south Island and it really makes you think about those poor guys who may have lost there lives and also what the families are going through right now waiting for news of them.

I decided to grow some balls if I must say and just ask from now on and not bleat about whether I may be putting people out or just plain to scared to ask, and I also need to learn to say no sometimes..

So tonight I did do just that and on Thursday I am going to have another lesson with Vanessa and on Friday I am going to my first dressage comp with Autumn, and I am really looking forward to both days. Autumn is finally over her bad cough and she is getting so much more softer by the day when riding her. So can't wait to have lesson and compete the next day, I am really hoping to get good marks, not worried if I don't win or anything I just want some good percentages, as we have lots to work on but this friday will be a good test as to where we stand amongst the others and how much work I need to do to be competitive.

So here is a photo of one of my rather lovely roses that are out in bloom at the moment, and I just had to post this recent photo of my baby Holly who just loved this little seat...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a start to my dressage season....

I feel that since I have brought my horse everything seems to be against me, firstly I really don't have a permanent home for her so thats my fault for not sorting that before I brought her, then although my husband is pretty good at how much I ride we do tend to clash abit over my riding, he just doesn't get it that I have ridden all my life and its part of me of who I am as a person and that I can ride for pleasure hacking about but I really have to have a goal and compete and I like to do well.

But anyway then we have had a few minor issues along the way but I put that down to getting to know autumn, then we had the float issue which is getting better i might add...I got to my dressage lesson last tuesday with Vanessa and Autumn walked on and off very quietly but I was still a bit nervous about it after being pinned in there with her so had a friend help to take the bar away while I stayed at Autumns head.

Anyway tomorrow was surposed to be my first dressage competition and I am not going Autumn has now got a terrible cough, and since last thursday its only got worse. She has had a course of antibiotics and  now is having some stuff called Haarlem Oil put into her feed. I have just called the vet again and left message for him to call me and see if he thinks he should come out and see her as I feel she is no better at all. I hope she improves as I am entered next fri as well for dressage comp

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dressage lesson

Well tomorrow is the big test I am taking my horse to a dressage lesson with a friend, Vanessa Way,. she is one of NZ top dressage riders and she lives here in Taranaki. I am going to be floating my horse( hope she goes on !!) and driving to the grounds on my own so am hoping it all goes well after all that Autumn and I have been through to get her back on the float, but I am sooo looking forward to getting back into some schooling plus I have a competition coming up in a just over a week so am really looking forward to going to that and just getting back into it, can't wait for Vanessa to see Autumn and give me some much needed advice...although I am sure I probably won't be able to walk to well the next day, not really dresage fit at the moment.....Roll on tomorrow....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Success at Last

Today was a good day.....Autumn went on and off the float about 10 times, and most of the time it was really good some of the time she rushed off but she went on and I am so happy....I actually backed her off and she was standing at the ramp looking into the float and I just walked into the float and she followed me in...I have to say Monty Roberts techniques have helped me plus having a strong young man there to hold her from the start when she rushed off and the dually halter is the best $50 USD I have spent on something for my horse, it sure did help me out in the whole process and will continue with the ground work she is going to be getting and already I have noticed a difference in her....

Autumn standing in the float while Haare sweeps away some horse poo

Fatherinlaw holding Holly for her first ride on Autumn

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Just doesnt like the float now

Last two days I have spent trying to get my horse to go back on the float after her incident the other weekend with rushing off before she was unclipped at the front and me even getting to her.  So today I got her on twice after 3hours of trying she walked on. I had a friend come and help me and he does lots of this kind of thing and he was a bit stumped as to what to do next. He went to grab a drinkl of water and I took hold of the lead and just walked Autumn up to the float and she walked straight on, I was stoked. Haare said why did you need me you can do it yourself. I think the only difference was I have actually been doing a bit of monty roberts stuff, Join up and I brought a dually halter and the last few days have been schooling her in this and noticed a big difference in her, those halters are amazing. Autumn was a horse with very little ground manners and today I had her standing in the arena and she didn't move, she would have normally just gone, but not today.

Anyway I am going to try tomorrow to put her back into the float that she had her wee incident in and hopefully we will get somewhere with that and hopefully she will be nice a nd quiet about it...fingers crossed.

Yesterday also my little colt became a gelding, have to say I found it quite nerve wracking, but the vet was so good he made me feel pretty much at ease about the whole thing and we were about number 70 in the gelding chops he has done this season so nothing but a days work for the vet. My fatherinlaws colt was done as well and they were both up and eating before we knew it, doesn't seem to bother them to glad its finally done as they were both just starting to get a bit to colty for my liking. Now got to work on my fella to sell. Will be sad as he is a sweety but realisticly I just don't have the time.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pleasure of having a horse

The last two days Sally and I have had a couple of really nice hacks out over her parents farm.

Autumn having had a bit of a disasterous weekend has been so good and today she was really relaxed and I am hoping she enjoyed the ride as much as I did. She has been a bit funny since the weekend about her ears and the bridle going on and putting the reins over her head so when we got to gates that needed to be opened I made the effort to get off and put the reins over her ears open the gate then put reins back over her ears again then get on and its been great for her as getting on has been an issue to, she always walks off. I am taking her to a friends place tomorrow as they are going away and looking after her QH and Autumn  is going to have a weeks worth of schooling in her arena. Was going to scratch from a dressage comp in a couple of weeks but now decided I think I will just go. got to get her out and about and me being the competitive person I am can't help myself I just have to get to a competition.
Found out in the weekend that my horses colour is described as a chocolate dun, have to say I had not heard of that before in all the years I have had a horse. learn things every day....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what a weekend of riding dramas nearly outweighed the fun of riding

Have to say this would have to have been the best weather we have had for quite a while and so lots of riding was done, Saturday went with Sally up big farm road along the gullies was awesome scenery, and the ride itself was really good our two horses go well together. Unfortunately the ride didn't end to well with me, long story short my horse got a fright when we were back at our friends place, Autumn was tied up to the float she pulled back and Sonya has no road gates and my horse was off and down her drive bolting, I just ran afte her as I ahve only had her since July and have to say she cost me ALOT, and I just thought there goes my horse and what kind of vet bill am I going to have or am I still going to have a horse, anyway she is full on in season and there were two stallions up the road and not behind very good fences I might add, anyway she ended up down a neighbouring farms drive and I got her back with not a scratch on her thank next day was lovely farm ride and she was great. on the monday as we have a long weekend holiday I took Autumn out to a friends to do some dressage schooling , she went so well and below are some nice photos of her pity about me but have got a few things I need to work on with myself, Sarah videoed me as well and that was great to see what work I need to do to get myself back into a good riding position. But that day ended in just about tragedy, friend thought he would help me get her off the float and he didn't unclip her so she went to come off and was still tied up, panic set in and she pulled and pulled and I was pinned in the float with her going bonkers, the clip broke and sent her flying backwards, thankfully neither of us were hurt but it was something that should have never happned, now autumn is a bit funny around her ears and didn't like me putting the bridle on tonight, I would say I will need some floating training done on her now and I am thinking of sending her to a lady to just help me out and get her confidence back as I am really upset at how it all turned out it should never have happened...She is a real sweet horse who now is a bit scared.... of a few things, I guess she is only 4 so hopefully I can mend the damage thats been done

Boris the pig who I found asleep in the float when I finished riding. My horse loved him and they stood by the fence together with boris at his feet and Autumn licking him!!!!

Yes we made it my baby is 1!!!

My beautiful baby girl has reached that milestone that all new parents I am sure wonder if they are ever going to get there, from new borns to sitting up , crawling now just about walking, I thought the new born stage was hard but looking back that was the easy part its just getting harder all the time but also easier too if that makes sense. Holly is such a sweet girl and is pretty happy most of the time so I have been really lucky...

We didn't do a big first birthday party just hung out with family and had a cake, got to have a cake!!!..

 Its the hungry caterpiller

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally Autumn is sound

Yesterday afternoon, I raced down to see if Auutmn was sound and the hope to have a quick ride. She seemed fine so I got on and after a good walk around we had a trot and yay no lameness Great Am stoked about that. Didn't do alot just  bit of transition work walk to trot and back to walk again and some nice long rein trotting and really getting her to stretch down and feel her really swinging from behind. I really need to do more of that I am not doing it enough but its a case of getting to know Autumn and learning to trust that I can just trot around on the long rein and hoping she doesn't spook at anything and spin in the other direction, which has been happening lately cause spring grass and all the horses are all a bit full of themselves, and the ducks flying out of the grass aren't much fun when you are casually walking along on long rein.

Autumn is now going to have 5 days off in a row decided it would be good for her to have a wee break, since I brought her in July I really haven't given her many days off in a row but now that I am trusting her more I know she will be sweet to ride with time off. For a horse that has only been broken in for just over a year she really is so good. I got told the other day by a guy who does breaking in that if I can ride up the road, stand at stop sign then cross the main road(have to ride across to get to my friends arena) which is a state highway, lots of trucks and 100km zone I am doing really well. I really am lucky to have her and I know  I will never sell her, even though I know I could sell her on for a lot of money, whats money at the end of the day,  I already learn't the hard way selling a good horse years ago that even though I got $15k it has taken me this long to replace that horse and I kicked myself for selling her.

We are off to the big smoke this weekend (Auckland), My daughters first b'day and my dad's 70th so big party with the family, and Holly is going to the Zoo with all her cousins can't wait to see her face with all the animals, especially since at home here she loves my horse, dog and cat. Going to be lots of fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just when we thought spring was here...

Last week we had some fantastic weather then Friday came and bang back came the rain and the wind has been terrible, not good weather for moving young colts either, especially when you have to walk them past the mares...everyone went bonkers, have to say it wasn't the best experince I ahve had with my young fella, and once we know we are having a few fine days there balls are numbered!!!(getting the chop). Needless to say there has not been much riding going on. My dressage competition was cancelled on sunday which was a good thing in the end as babysitter that day was going to be a mission plus Autumn is still a bit lame from her kicking out at the dog and getting the post so would have had to scratch anyway. She has no marks swelling or heat anywhere but she is just slightly lame. I did ride her today though, Sally, kaz and I braved the wind and went for a very hairy ride, Autumn did feel a bit lame still at the trot but we mainly just walked so wouldn't have been any harm to her going out for a mooch up the road. She did kick out at poor Sally's horse today not quite sure what that was all about, maybe Autumn is coming into season and got a bit snotty at maggie, just glad she didn't hurt either sally or Maggie.

Anyway on sunday we had a wedding at our restaurant so I went and took some pictures since everything looked so nice and tidy, the wedding party were actually inside having there food when I was taking the pictures.They timed everything well in between the showers. We have lots of wedding at Waiau its really a perfect place to get married if you are wanting a garden wedding.
This is the Reastaurant
 This in looking down at the lawn where people get married, we did have a whole lots of charis on the lawn, we make two areas of chairs so that there is an aisle for the bride to walk up. The seat is where the bride and groom had signed there marriage certificate.
this is just looking out one of the doors towards the lawn where they got married, Below is the fire place

This photo is just looking out to one side of the Building

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a great week

I know its only thursday but I have had a great week so far. The sun has been shining all week and its been so lovely, My family has been staying with us since last sunday and so Holly has had a great time getting to know her cousins.  On Monday we went to Urenui beach and it was just beautiful, although its a west caost beach, black sand and all it is still really lovely, there was no wind and the tide was way out so we got to go for a great walk on the beach the kids collected rocks and shells. Holly's first time on the sand, needless to say she did end up trying to eat it...

Tuesday was a day in town at Pukekura park, Brooklands zoo, its just a farm yard zoo but the kids loved it and it was free to enter, I think thats a great thing the council have there, the park is just gorgeous and with great walkways, with beautiful plants trees and shrubs, ponds ducks galore and great kids playgrounds the kids thought it was wonderful. It really is a must see when visiting taranaki.

The best thing for me was I got to ride everyday, had a live in babysitter(mum!!) has been great. My horse is going really well. Have to say since I have taken her off the red clover Hay, I have changed her feed back to Mitavite, and also not giving her any magnesium she has been a different horse. Not sure if its been the combination of the three elements or just one of them but, I think that I could have been giving her too much magnesium. I have weighed out all the food so I am giving her the correct amount of feed for her work rate she is getting at the moment and she is looking really good, has a great shiny coat and no longer spazzing out on me. Wonderful I ahve the horse back that I brought a couple of months ago. Sunday we have a dressage comp, it may not be on yet as its surposed to rain not expecting Autumn to win or anything but am hoping she gets a few good marks...will see on Sunday...

Autumn enjoying the sun, must be great to have no cover on and finally no rain....

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New addition

the other day where I graze my horse one of the mares finally had her foal. she had a little filly. the owner wasn't that impressed as he breeds TB's to sell at the yearling sales or ready to run, two year old sales and he reakons that filly's are to hard to sell. We still have one mare to foal there, and yes tonight is another very average cold rainy night an knowing horses she will probably foal in this horrible weather.

This is the foal, doesn't have a name yet
She wasn't even 24hrs old when I took this photo. Its amazing how quickly they get up and go, this little filly was doing some cute little bucks around the stall, was quite funny.  My mare seems to have a pretty big interest in her as well, she really wants to go over and check her out but of course the Mare won't let her anywhere near her foal, she is a pretty good mum, I think this is her 5th foal.

Tonight I have been trying to look up feeding supplements and types of horse feeds for my mare, I think she is in season and she is definetly at the moment a different horse to what she was a month or so ago. I only brought her in July but her energy is way more than she was when I brought her. She is only totally different grass than what she was on and I am feeding her when the last owner, I think, was to scared to feed her as she really wasn't really looking that great, she was a bit to thin and didn't have that much energy, I don't want that lack of energy back I just want to be able to work with it and that energy become useful and not fizzy, anyway I think I am going to change her feed and will see what happens.Found a websire Hi Form NZ which will do free feeding analysis, so might just send them and email and see hwta they come back with.
I have a Dressage comp on the 10th October, am so looking forward to it, just got to find a babysitter for Holly, Rowan(hubby) has a wedding to do and my inlaws are going away on holiday, I guess thats life with babies.....Just hope for fine weather so I can actually get out and school my mare before the event, not much schooling been done of late more just road riding.

Some other up to day date photos of my foal...Mr Grey...
Below Mr Grey had just been wormed, he stood there like a pro while we put the syringe in his mouth but ended up with a lovely big white lipstick bottom lip, was quite cute

Friday, September 24, 2010

Foals need there feet done

I have to say that, I have not done anything with my foal since his feet were last trimmed 6 weeks ago and I was so pleased with my little fella yesterday. David and I went and caught ur little monsters and led them down the race to the tie up yards. the farrier was nearly 45 mins late so Mr Harris and Mr Grey had to stand and wait for that long and they were so good, I got to give Mr Grey a bit of a brish and he loved me giving him and mane brush. He is nearly a full pony height and he is not quite 11 months old. We did a rough measeurement and looks like he will get to at least 16hh maybe a bit bigger. Anyway the last two times the farriers have been we have given the foals some sedadine its just chills out the foals so that they don't get freaked out by the farrier and because they have not had much done to there feet its better this way then the farrier getting hurt or our foals. Yesterday we didn't give them anything and they were perfect boys for the farrier I was so happy, looks like Mr Grey is going to be a nice horse, next step is to get him gelded, just weather not good enough to get that done yet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

early photo of Autumn

This photo was taken in on August 13th, Am posting it so I can look back at her later on to see how she looks. When I first got Autumn she was a bit thin and needed to fill out quite a bit, being only 4 she still has to mature a lot and grow bit more I would say to at least 16.1hh., by Charles Hahndorf,(hanovarian) out of stationbred mare.

Today is Wed 22 sept, and I actually managed to get a ride in, got up at 6.15am, and the sun was actually just starting to come out so since all we have had for the last few weeks is rain I ceased to opportunity and ran, when I got to her she was lying fast asleep in yes the mud patch by the gate, great!! you would never know that the cover I brought her was only a couple weeks old, anyway I got to ride for only about 20 mins and the sky started to go that lovely black that we have been having and manged to get unsaddled and cover on before the rain hit. At least it was a ride, bugger though she has pulled shoe, not surprised in all this mud.Its now 12.40pm and the sun has managed to come out and the sky is actually a lovely blue. I can now hear my baby she has woken up so best i go get her some lunch...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another ugly day

Woke up this morning and thought there was a hint of it being a sunny day but no the clouds have rolled right ina gain and its still really windy. Today is Sunday an I haven't been able to ride my horse since last wed. Went down and fed her earlier and you would never know that she has 4 white socks, she was pretty keen to see me as usual with a bucket of food and some hay. My husband went on a boys weekend (started on wed) a very long weekend, and is home tomorrow I can't wait, my little sweetness(holly) is really a good little girl but mother really wants a bit of time out and go for a ride and clean up my horse, she has mud everywhere.  I have been looking after a friends property while they were off overseas on holiday and yay they are back, so I no longer have to feed out to his 7 horse(2 in foal mares, 3 foals and 2x 2yr olds) and the few cows he has. Was starting to get a bit worried as the mares have really bagged up and I couldn't get the foal alarm to work so was hoping they would hold on till the owners came home. I have actually enjoyed doing it, and he has helped me out lots by me being able to keep my horse there. They are great people and they have said my horse can stay on there for a while so I am really stoked with that. 
Well I had really go do some book work for Waiau while Holly is fast asleep, lets hope tomorow brings us some sunshine.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The day the sun came out

Finally we had a nice sunny day so Bungle and Holly made the most of the garden, although bungle wasn't that impressed to keep getting flowers and grass on him, but he handled it. then Holly decided that it was just too hard to crawl on the grass and you can see in the photo she didn't want to go any further...What a face!!!!

Finally a day of no rain

The weather here is just terrible at the moment I am sure last winter wasn't as bad as this as in how much its rained, I guess this winter has been warmer than last but the rian, I am so sick of getting soaked through feeding out to the animals and the mud and mess of the paddocks is just terrible. but enough of the moan, we have had a few nice days where we have manged to get a ride in not much but Sally and I found a day and we went for it and took the horses for a big trot up kaipikari Hill, its a mother of a hill so was good to get the horses up it, especially at the moment, spring grass coming through the horses all think they are invincible and grow about 10 inches when something like a leaf flys past them, so was great to blow a few of the cobwebs out of there system...pity its pretty much rained ever since and think i have ridden once since then h well summer is coming.....I think!!???....(Sally on the grey, Maggie, and me on Autumn)

Fathers day

Unfortunately Rowan didn't get his first fathers day with his daughter as he had to work but he made up for it when he got home and him and Holly got to hang and do a bit of a jam session, she loves it when Daddy plays the guitar....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunshine at Last

Today we finally had a full day of sunshine, started out just awesome no wind and blue skies but as the day wore on it stayed sunny but the wind got up and there was a bit of a chill in the air, but it was so nice to have that then the constant rain we have been having and the Mud!! drives you insane...Going for a ride and taking endless time time to brush off the mud then pick out the hoofs and once you out them back down they are just full again. Roll on summer!!!...Spring is certainly in the air though and we are all having to stuff outr horses with magnesium, as the grass sure is affecting there wee brains, my horse thinks that small birds are certainly very scarey at the moment and is Autumn is often seen doing a beautiful piaffe or Passage around the paddock at any time she thinks of an excuse to flounce around the paddock.  Today I moved a couple of pregnant mares next door to her and she was like oh please come see me i am really putting on a great show over here come on just look at me!! but to no avail being very heavily pregnant they were more intersted in the new grass in the paddock so she gave up and ate her Hay.  Have to say though, the magnesium is certainly working, she was like a donkey...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My baby's first b'day is rolling round so quickly

Holly is now just over 10 months old can't quite believe its nearly a year since she was born, I am sure when I was pregnant it didn't go that fast well it didn't feel like it is my baby girl on her favourite toy...This photo was taken on the 17th august, 10 months old.....Sooo cute....

My new horse

I have recently purchased a new mare called Autumn Light ( show name) she is a 4 year old Warmblood stationbred cross. Not that I was ever intending to buy another horse well for a while anyway but I had been out doing our local winter dressage series on a friends horse and I saw this mare that a friend of mine was riding and I happen to mention she was nice, long story short she rang me and asked me if I would like to purchaes her and so in the end I did. I did wonder what the heck have I done but end of the day I thought well what the hell I have not had a decent horse for a long time and even though she cost me way to much money I am hoping for big things this season....Just gotta work in a preganancy somewhere there as well!!!?????...We have just last weekend competed at our first competition and was surprised to find myself having a second and a fifth placing, roll on the 10th October the next dressage competition.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My afternoon of judging

Yesterday was probably one the of the hottest days we have had so far and I had volunteered to judge at the hunt clubs first ever Hunter show/ribbon day.

I am so glad that i wore shorts and a light shirt, I was really unsure about what to wear as a judge but with the weather as it has been of late I opted to go the summer way.
I had to judge the Pleasure horse ring. I have to say when I was doing the shows which was about 15 years ago, there wasn't such a thing as green horse and pleasure horse classes, the pony ring was pony ring and they had some classes for different height s and the hacks and hunters were just that, and once a gain they wwould have a few different classes for the height, and light weight/heavey weight hunter, but not sperate actaully rings, anyway, I get there and go to the ring and there is about 10 people entered in the class, most of them were kind of learner riders, or first outing horses, with riders not that great riders but coming out for a bit of a outing.

Most of the horses were well turned out and the so were the riders. the day went pretty well and I tried to give everyone a ribbon but boy it was hard to judge as they were all pretty even riders and not one horse was outstanding from the rest and when I asked the riders to prepare to canter and canter on it was a bit carnage so had to yell trot!!! pretty quickly.
By the end of the day I was so hot and bothered I had sweat running down my face, and back and my sunglasses were all fogged up, I would hate to think what the riders were like under all there jackets and stocks etc.
When asked before i left if I would do it again next year I was yeah sure, but I would rather be riding myself if I had a horse....will see..

The low down on the race horses

Davids (fatherinlaw)season hasn't started off the way he would have liked, the horse we had together Tuppence well she just didn't make it as a race horse, although she had the determination she just wasn't fast enough, so she has gone to live her days out with a nice lady up in Pukekohe, I really would have liked to have had her but having a baby and a foal it just wasn't going to happen.
Now Katie has done her tendon the the new trotter he had has gone lame and he can't seem to determine where its coming from. So Now only have Macy star to train, and to top it off the man that was helping him stopped coming so I jumped back in there to carry onand help and have hurt my back so I am now out of action as well...

Even though the horses all seem to be falling apart, and myself, I went up to the stables today and the horses were all running around bucking and kicking out so can't be too much wrong with them, you couldn't see them for the dust(literally!!), all this hot weather the ground is just a dust bowl. Macy races this Tues at 2pm so fingers crossed something good goes for Davids this week, he sure needs it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

going down to the rodeo

On saturday we had our local Urenui Rodeo. Rowan was working all day and that night as we had a wedding on at our restaurant, so I went down to see how long Holly was going to last.

We had sponsored the local riders barrel race so I really wanted to get down there to see that as one of our staff was riding in it. As it turned out Connie actually won it (photo of her attached), she was ridig her lovely quarter horse stallion so that was pretty cool as there was a heap in the event.

turned out I stayed for the whole day as Sally knew that health nurse there so I got to use the rooms at the community centre to feed and change Holly so I was stoked to have had a whole day out and about and seeing the rodeo which I love to watch.

The bull ride was pretty cool to watch but the broncos how good were they at bucking out!! On the Fri nite before we had watched them bring the horses in on the truck and Sally jude and I were all saying how nice some of them looked well after watching them buck you wouldnt want them!!!.....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my very cheeky colt

Went up this morning to muck around with my colt, thought I had better get back into handling him since he hasn't had much done for over a week or so.

He was a right ole so and so. tried to bite me every chance he got( think thats just a young horse thing anyway) but he is very quick to come up with his front legs if he gets sick of you pulling him around the yard or he just decides that no I don't want to turn this way and I am not going away from my mother!!...

Am going to have be quite hard on him I think, but how far do you go with a young horse as in if they nip do you smack them or will it make them very wary of you so I really have to figure these things out.

he is still cute though......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the sulky

The other day I went up and helped out David with the race horses. Its only the second time I have been back in the sulky since I was pregnant. I drove lara(I am in the bright yellow), she is an 8 year old trotter and she is such a sweet horse. Out onto the track we go and only after a few metres I realised that I could so easliy fall out of this sulky, it was Davids old racing sulky from years ago, its wooden and the whole time I felt like I was just going to bounce out of the seat. The morning wasn't the best, the weather was pretty grey and the wind was terrible, felt a bit caotic out there in the blustering wind, with Wit driving Macy singing away to his same Elvis song he sing over and over again and David trying to call out to us to get us to do different things but we couldn't hear because of the wind, Katie(the horse David was driving) was steaming off as soon as anyone got to close she thought she was racing, because I was behind them all I was getting was mouthfuls of dust and grit. You might wonder why I did it that day and did I actually enjoy it well I just had a ball out there, I think I was laughing most of the time because I thought I was going to bounce out of the sulky, it was one of those days when you just thought something is going to happen, but thankfully it didn't and we cut the training short because the wind was so bad.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Must have been a hard night

This Morning the Farrier was coming to give Milly a good ole trim, feel a bit stink really as since I have been pregnant and now had Holly poor Miss Milly has been a bit neglected and bad ole me had totally forgotten to get her feet done. Well they were not looking to great but anyway now they are all nicely trimmed up and I gave her a good brush and tidy up. Going to make a big effort from now on to get her looking back into ship shape. Have to say it took 10mins for the farrier to trim her feet and cost $35, work that out on an hourly rate!!!...We had two mares so $70 in 10 mins work ain't bad...

When I went to catch the horses for there trim my little fella was fast asleep flat out on the grass he didn't even move when I called out to him for a moment I thought oh I hope you are still breathing...Anyway once the farriers got there and started to file there hooves both the little colts were quite interested in what was going on with there mothers was very cute to watch.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a windy day to ride

Well yesterday my husband had a morning of babaysitting and finding out how life is actually at home with Holly while I got to go and have a full morning of horses!!...

Unfortunately it was blowing gale. So up at the stables to my inlaws place ready by 7.30am out on the track back in the sulky. As much as I enjoy this, today was one of those days when I could have passed. it kind of felt like something was going to happen, it didn't but thats just the mood of the horses felt and the wind blowing so hard was terrible, there was dust for miles, I felt like I had a second skin by the time we had finished from all the dust. David put the old wooden racing sulky on my horse and its so light I felt like I was going to bouce off the track and most of the time I was hanging on to not fall out of the seat. But I loved every minute of it.
Then home had quick breaky and out to help my friend Sally with schooling her horse trix. This was only my 4th ride since giving birth and have to say I am feeling it a bit today. Have not done any schooling on a horse for months so didn't take long to get pretty hot and tired but was glad of the work out and to be back on the saddle. Problem is now I want to get out and do it all the time!! bugga.....

handling my foal

My colt is now two months old so decided it was time I had better get him in and actually do something with him. Since having had Holly, I have not even touched my good friends sister was here from Oz and her job was to handle the young ones so she came and helped me. Talk about a right little #@$%, can't blame him really I surpose but boy was he wild. After 3 days though he had been caught, halter put on taught to lead and had a towel flicked all over him and he seemed pretty sweet.
So I was ging away on holiday up to the winterless North (whangarei) and the foal (Olly) wasn't going to have anyhting done to him again for 12 days.

this week I have caught him twice and he was great both times until we decided to lead him back to the paddock and he thought it would be fun to Jump on my shoulders. Luckily I saw it coming and he didn't catch me to much. Am going to have be very assertive with this young fellow.