Friday, May 15, 2009

Foal from Sandreo

Visiting my friend today I went and checked out her little colt, he is now 3months old. His name(at the moment) is toad!, he is by Sandreo who is by Sandro hit. If he turns out to be anything like his grandfather or father, he will certainaly be turning heads. Toad arrived into this world on and horrible stormy night, and after a few anxious moments with falling into the river and hoping he wouldn't get puemonia, a few vets call outs all now seems to be great and he is making lots of leaps and bounds literally!!....

lessons with Bill Noble

Now just because I am pregnant, I thought it doesn't mean I have to not do anything with horses and just sit back and bide my time until not only my baby comes and my own horse foals, but I decided to take up any opportunity to go and watch people having lessons as long as they didn't mind as they are the ones paying for them.

My friend Sarah had Bill Noble come this weekend and since she is a friend of mine I jumped at the chance to go watch and keep my hand in so to speak with learning more on dressage.

So I spent most of today just watching and videoing my friend. She had a lesson on one of her horses first then when the lessons were over she had bill ride one of her horses that she felt she was having problems with and to see what he thought and where she should start to mend any problems. Her horse went great and he helped change just a couple of minor things that made the horses outline becaome so much softer and correct it was great to see and to show that there realkly wasn't anything to major wrong with the horse just the simple things that help bring it all back and then you can go forward from there. I would recommend anyone of any level to have a lesson with Bill, I personally have never had a lesson with him and I do now wish I had, he was nothing but positive and even when things weren't going so right he just said thats ok we can fix it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A winning end to season

Photo on the right is Katie before her race then one on left is when she won, my fatherinlaw having the winners photo taken.
Well we have reached the end of the season for katie she is finally having a well deserved break. Her last race was on April 21st, and she won!!, she actually got 3rd two days prior to this race as well, she really should have won that day as well but I tell you sometimes I do wonder about these race drivers, I had to tell the driver to just go hard she will win and she did!!...

She has gone to relatives over in the Hawkes bay for two months with our other young horse and they will start back their training again in july/aug, depending on the weather and how much rain we get as the track is a bit slushy in the rain and really not much fun.
Now roll on Nov, when my horse is due to foal and I am also going to have a baby, unfortunately we are both due the same week!!! Not sure how I am going to sort that one out...