Monday, March 28, 2011

Holly loves sweet things...oh no...

Holly was given a marshmellow snowman, she very much wanted to eat the whole thing but I managed to pry it off her thank goodness I am sure I would have had a very sick little girl...lets just say she didn't get to see it the next day...but no I didn't eat it!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Teeth filed

Poor autumn has had a bit of a battle with her teeth by the looks of things. on Thursday I had Shelley the equine tooth dentist come and look at Autumns teeth as she had been a bit swollen up her jaw a few days earlier and even though I had got her teeth done only two months ago I wanted to get her checked incase she had a bad tooth. Her gums were all ulcerated again and she had quite sharp edges...she was not really very happy about us poking around, obviously quite sore on her side that she had been swollen, so yesterday I got the vet to come and sedate her so Shelley could have a good go at her teeth and also look at her bad mud fever...
Anyway long story short she now has a great set of teeth, sure makes things easier to do when they are a bit sleepy am hoping she will go much better in the bridle as she was still leaning a bit and twisting...and really hoping the swollen jaw thing won't reappear again, she may have an infection from the ulcers but vet wasn't to sure about that so she got another shot in the neck of penicilen just incase of infection and also for her bad mud fever on her legs which I am having a very long hard battle against, lets hope that will come right now....just got to be on top of it..

Monday, March 21, 2011

NZ Horse of the year

This last weekend was soo much fun, myself and two of my friends made the very long trip over to Hawkes Bay to watch the biggest show in NZ...
Its a horse lovers dream of anything and everything to do with horses, so shopping was very much on the menu and I have to say we couldn't fit anything else in our car even if we wanted to it was jammed packed.
The Hawkes bay certainly turned on the weather it was just so hot, I felt for the riders in all thejackets etc we were sweating just sitting down watching !!

The calabre of horses at the show was amazing and my friend was riding in the grand prix dressage and she won the title on her horse KH Arvan...she is now preparing to go to Sydney and compete there before making the big trip to England where she will be based before the 2012 olympics. She actaully gained a Olympic qualifying score this weekend so good on her and her efforts, she is a great rider and I wish her all the best. Its was just such a nice trip away with the girls and being able to just sit and watch with out husbands and children..I would love to be there one day, I have a goal to ride there but it would have to be a high level so Autumn has 4 years to get to at least open medium if not advanced...but little steps first...
Grand prix riders warming up arena

Vanessa about to go in and do the winning test

Sally steiner completing the 1.45m class..I rode against Sally when we were kids

Andrea banks and stallion Limonit, about to be shipped back to Europe

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

relaxing hack out over farm

Last weekend was our Taranaki aniversay weekend so my friends all had a long weekend which means more riding!! great... I had a lesson on friday with jutta and Autumn went really well but it was just so hot so made the lesson even harder than it was, Jutta worked my butt off that day but autumn has improved lots and I am sure so has my riding.
On sunday I went to the taranaki masters equestrian comp, it was such a nice relaxing day no pressure was a great training day and I got the chance to step up a grade and practise a higher level of test to see how Autumn would handle it and she went pretty well, since it wasn't a grading day I thought I may as well give it a go...I got a silver medal for my age group, 35-49yrs...have to say it sure makes you feel a bit old when you say you can compete in the masters!!!!..

Last two days I have been hacking around my friend Sally's parents farm and I think autumn is loving the change from being schooled alot to long rein hacking out, I know I am...tonight Sal and I had a lovely evening ride, it was such a nice time of day to go while the sun was setting, we have to make the most of these days as the winter cold days are looming...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My baby Girl loves to mow the lawns

I had to post this photo of Holly sitting on her dads knee while he mows the lawns, she loves it, she has her own ear protectors and sits there till the end and sometimes she even falls asleep...

My young fella is growing up

Today I went to see my yearling as Davids was surposed to be going on a transporter to be broken in as his is a harness horse and they get broken in early. Anyway we brought them in put them in the tie up area. I wanted to get some photos of Mr Grey to put on trade me as I am selling him and the photo's I had weren't that great..So heres my baby( horse) getting bigger by the day.
Mr Grey getting some cover experience

keeping up with the feet picking up

Summer is leaving us...

Today is the 3rd of March and offically we are now in autumn...although today was still rather hot you can tell by the sky and of course the mornings are slowly getting darker and the nights are creeping in a bit quicker that summer is on the way out. Tonight Kaz and I went for a lovely stroll up the road, it was such a nice evening and we decided that it would be nice just to cruise not push the horses as we had both had a full on day and really if you could do it it would have been nice to sit and relax back on the horse with a glass of wine in your hand sipping away and watching the sunset start to creep in.....but of course horses being horses there is no way you can do that...we wish!!!...anyway we are walking up the road and we get to the big Kaipikari Hill and there is some clowns hooning down the hill on there go cart, with a car following close behind and they stop just at the bottom of the hill with a big sideways skid...Great!!! thats going to be fun for our horses!!! so we decided to turn around and go back and down another road, so luckily for us we are just a few trot paces away from the next road and they come down the road with the car towing the go cart and it was making a terrible noise on the road so off we went heading for Wilson road, thankfully we got to the road and down a bit before they caught all in all was a nice ride and was so nice just to cruise...surposed to be raining tomorrow.